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Our great passion for storytelling

Live a unique and unforgivable experience, choose your tasting experiences between those created by our professionals in food and wine especially for you.

The Director


You’ll see in the dining room, in the kitchen, running the business and creating new recipes. Years of experience in both art and local food culture translated in ideas and projects that make siculishh what it is.
She couldn’t be any different and we are lucky she’s how she is.

Wine Nerd


Siculishh’s face, Gabriele consists in 50% of the whole entertainment at our bistrot.
His passion for wine and storytelling will overwhelm you, but what are the odds of having a WSET 3 expert at your fingertips?
We recommend you take advantage of this, ask him all the question you have in mind and you’ll make a new friend right away.

The Foreigner


Straight out of Gorino, Olga will be with us once again this year, bringing all the linguistic and organizational support she’s capable off.
Our jolly will be the first one to greet you, the one who takes your orders, giving advices and even taking customers on horseback rides when needed,
who knows what more.

The Apprentice


Youngest and last arrived, Denise work behind the stage together with our director, creating the amazing dishes our menu consists of.
Don’t let her young age fools you, she knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t lose a chance to show us all.

Contact our wine expert

Contact our wine expert and buy the rightly paired bottle for you to take back home, either at service temperature or from one of our many shelves.






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