There are no stronger roots in this world than the ones which bond us to our mother land.

The passion for our Island has always led us on the path of research, and with research come discoveries.

Stories, customs, culture, food and wine, we travel around seeking for them, we make treasure of even the smallest details, gathering tales from extraordinary men and women all across the Island who are working hard to preserve Sicily’s best features. Gems, we like to consider them, preserved by the bravery of those people, producers who fight everyday against a globalized and capitalistic market, facing it fearlessly and valuing quality and sustainability. All this set the foundations for our dream, a veichle capable of spreading the uniqueness of our products and the awareness that comes with them.

A place, meant for a deep dive into our culture, characterized by the traits of the renouned sicilian hospitality.

We called it Siculishh, a bistrot, our way of picking a side against industrialization, in favor of an healthy, sustainable and better tasting alternative.

Do not focus on what’s already lost, but on what we can still save.

A wide variety of bottles

embedded on the post-industrial looking wall

A wide variety of bottles embedded on the post-industrial looking wall, the lights and the welcoming atmosphere they create.

Our great passion for storytelling 

Live a unique


Live a unique and unforgivable experience, choose your tasting experiences between those created by our professionals in food and wine especially for you.






Via Iallia Bassia 26, Taormina 98039 (ME)

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